Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Infected Mushroom

One of my favorite Music groups
Known for Psychedelic Trance or Goa Trance the guys have some pretty awsome songs I enjoy listening to at home or the road...much more places.

First song I heard from them, first I thought they were Hispanic for the Spanish, so I did alil Wiki on them and they are from Isreal.

Deadmau5 And Calvin Harris - Im not Alone

Very good song. Nuff Said. But I must continue.... I don't listen to Calvin Harris but I found myself searching iTunes and Youtube for them after hearing this remix by Deadmau5. Ive already listened to most of Deadmau5's tracks and I love the electro house style with subtle lyrics. So I bought an album from iTunes and so far I have enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more!

Monday 8/31/10

Deadmau5 And Calvin Harris - Im not Alone